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A leading supplier of SANTONI seamless knitting machine parts, an online shop where we sell our spare parts, Chinese hosiery machines, socks machine spare parts, such as proximity sensors, M843931 LVDT, sensors, rotary encoders, sinkers, solenoid valves, (D4900832, G1900543, D4840841, G1900543, D4840090 WAC 0379035) circular cutters, stepping motors, encoders 71.40 needles, drive shaft units M901060, carbide knives, fingers ... the most unique supplier of steel parts, plastic parts, rubber parts, electronic parts for the most models of LONATI, SANTONI, MATEC, SANGIACOMO, KARL MAYER knitting machines for decades, you are welcome to contact us for a good price.

M070370 M070370 ceramic tubes M070370 D4840043 D4840043 Micro sensors, proximity sensors for sale D4740029 D4740029 Rubber products, O-rings for sale
D4921379 D4921379 air valves, air fittings M080030 M080030 M081170 M080560 M080560 Needle Openers, Latch Openers
M220890 M220890 Replacement parts for sale ... M901060 M901060 shaft assembly M775320 M775320 proximity sensors
0406021 0406021 proximity switches for sale K418243 K418243 Yarn Tension Assembly
If you want us to customize a certain item, please feel free to contact us.