An online shop where we sell our low-power solenoid valves, electrovalves, air valves for all hosiery machines, seamless knitting machines, medical machines, highly automated sewing machines, food production machines, wine production machines, medical machines, high quality products to meet your requirment of quick response time, lower power comsumption, 10mm, 15mm, air piston, air pipes, 24V DC, 12V DC, 0.30W, 1.0W, 1.3W, 2.3/2.50W, 0-7 bar, 0-10 bar optional, welcome to select our solenoid valves and  any other (SANTONI, LIBA, WAC DATA, GRACO, SANGIACOMO, UNIPLET, KARL MAYER, LONATI, MULLER, MATEC, COMEZ, SOOSAN, COLOSIO, DAH HEER, NAGATA, DAKONG, KYANG YHE, CONTI COMPLETT, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, SULZER... ) textile machinery parts or needles, pneumatically automated machines.
M900420 M900420 WAC R. S. T. U. W. V. Leva LGL, IRO LGL, IRO G2900547, 60 IRO, LGL, ROJ Accumulators G1920940 G1920940 0518670
D4840090 D4840090 D4840714 Air Valves Air Valves Replacement of STC, Pneumax, Metalworks 180-1419-00-9 180-1419-00-9 15 mm, pneumax valve like
Coloiso 15mm Valve Coloiso 15mm Valve 15mm, 2.3W solenoid 180-1704-00-9 180-1704-00-9 S-3-10mm/337225110212 0514081 0514081 Air valves for sale
0518649 0518649 Air fittings FAS D4900833 FAS D4900833 0378896/0378892, STC, FAS solenoids FAS D4900832 FAS D4900832 STC, D4900832/0379895/0378891, FAS, NC
0379190 0379190 Air Tube Connectors G1900543 G1900543 LONATI D4840841/G1900543 Hosiery Machine Electrovalves Hosiery Machine Electrovalves electrovalves
S-3-15-9730041 S-3-15-9730041 9730041/pneumax 15mm-3-L Solenoid 15mm-3-L Solenoid Pneumax Replacement 180-1426-00-9 180-1426-00-9 FAS-fluid automation, Chinese electro valves for sale.
180-1122-00-9 180-1122-00-9 180-1605-00-9 electrovalve S-2-10 mm Electrovalve Cable Electrovalve Cable for 10mm solenoids 180-0280-00-9 180-0280-00-9 oil pressure sensor
180-1703-00-9 180-1703-00-9 N371-4-L-3-10/SY114-5LOZ 372-C4XB-FH 372-C4XB-FH 10mm,0-10bar ,1w, N.C 337225110211 337225110211 337225114100/VJ1145GS/337225110211