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Piezo E18-KL500-LB63 Piezo E18-KL500-LB63 E18 ,E28, E32, KARL MAYER 1000153288 Rubbers 1000153288 Rubbers 153288 MN-10-32-00-000  FALTENBALG 35 R6-121-R-0 R6-121-R-0 MPF16-2-16-01/R-6-121-02(without positioning hole
KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6/6-61-43 Plastic Guide Needles for sale AL-18-6-38 AL-18-6-38 stronger and durable 400072728 400072728 Tension Pipe L-4.77M-Ф3cm
3-70-4K E28 3-70-4K E28 Plastic Guide Needles Liba 3-69-20B E32 Liba 3-69-20B E32 Metal guide needles for sale 6-93-40 LIBA E28 6-93-40 LIBA E28 alloy needle blocks for sale
3-54-20A E28 3-54-20A E28 alloy needle blocks E14 Electronic Jacquard E14 Electronic Jacquard KARL MAYER E14 KL500-66/3 B-16-2-1 B-16-2-1 Plastic needle blocks, yarn guides for sale
RF-2-100-2,5-7,5 RF-2-100-2,5-7,5 RF-2-100-2,5-7,5 Tube Needles KB-27-0-3 KB-27-0-3 yarn sley unit LR-6/3-104-4 LR-6/3-104-4 Fishing Net
Piezo E16-KL750-LB92A Piezo E16-KL750-LB92A E16,E22,E18,E18L KL-6-78-23 KL-6-78-23 Plastic yarn guide needles Z-6/2-87/8-52 Z-6/2-87/8-52 latch needle blocks
Connection Lever Connection Lever connecting bearings KL-12-97-23 KL-12-97-23 Net production needles KL-12-22-23 KL-12-22-23 Karl Mayer machines
Ceramic 12.9-10-7-11mm Ceramic 12.9-10-7-11mm Ceramic eyelet 39508D 39508D Loopers 1000413663 1000413663 hose, pipe connectors