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D4070530 D4070530 Steel Fingers D4070552 D4070552 Steel Feeder PICKER PICKER Lifter Left & Right
D4070551 D4070551 LONATI steel finger G1920389 G1920389 Yarn feeder, yarn guide G1070125 G1070125
D4070345 D4070345 LONATI G1070166 G1070166 steel finger G1070064 G1070064
IRO SFT IRO SFT replacement G1070110 G1070110 a yarn finger component D4470532 D4470532 needle drop
D4380704 D4380704 D4070331/steel fingers G1070113 G1070113 Have G1070111,G1070112 G1070027 G1070027