Offering LONATI yarn fingers,  an assembly of plastic and ceramic, plastic and steel, steel fingers, KARL MAYER raschel needles, rashel fingers, eyelet fingers, production and sales China, focusing on yarn fingers for European knitting machines, offering the best combination of product quality, price and immediate shipment, please feel free to select anyone you need.
D4070551 D4070551 LONATI steel finger D4070160 D4070160 D4070467 D4070467
D4070543 D4070543 G1070063 G1070063 Have G1070064&G1070065 G1070113 G1070113 Have G1070112&G1070116&G1070117&G1070118
G1070166 G1070166 steel finger G1070125 G1070125 finger holder G1070110 G1070110 a yarn finger component