2019 was a very successful year, sales of our products had become better, most of our distributors earned a lot of money, a lot of new products made, significantly, higher quality achieved at a lower cost, thank you for the dedication, our sales people and our partners in overseas market´╝î we have decided to offer discount in 2019, please contact us for details.
Exact date of holiday of Chinese New Year (The Spring Festival),
Feb 3, 2019  to Feb 15, 2019, there is no shipment during this period of time, please check the stock you have and and prepare them before we leave office, as Manager, Mr Doncloud will stay in the office before the last moment of holiday, in touch with our partners, but, there is no shipment on the holiday, please get ready for it.
Newly Made, 
1, Karl Mayer Yarn feeder plate of steel tube made successfully made in 2018, there are, 1tube, 2 tube, 3 tubes, 4 tubes, 6, tubes, 12 tubes for sale,  all welded on a steel plate, tubes rounded, hardened, welded and chromed on a very high standard, as high as possible, there is very good impression in those buyers in Europe and USA.
2, D4080299 and a longer Lonati ceramic knife is ready, G1080021 both ready, there is top quality, everyone of 1000 pieces is same, it is sharp, durable and beautiful.
3, 120-3124-00-9 ready, newly made, high quality, a beatiful item.
4,  LCD Display pannel, for Karl Mayer, Lonati, Matec, Santoni, Uniplet Ange ready, Hitachi replacement
5, D4840319, higher grade available now, there is a much bigger lifespan.
6,  linking machine blade, newly made, high quality and lower cost, look as bright as a mirror.
7,  Filters, oil pressure switches, oil system of
8, We have successful made rubber knife, stitch cams, drive shaft for Lonati machines, please contact us for the sales.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO ---- Sun Wukong webdictory.