SANTONIUNIPLETSANGIACOMO,  LONATIMULLERMATECCOMEZSOOSANCOLOSIO  hosiery machine, socks knitting machine  SAWBLADE/RING CUTTER/SAW CUTTER  for sale,  saw cutters made of high quality steel,  well hardended, tempered, sharppened,  some of them are high-quality replacement cutomized for Chinese hosiery plants, welcome to purchase these saw cutters and  any other  (LIBA,  WAC DATA,  KARL MAYER,  MULLERMATECCOMEZDAH HEER, NAGATA,  DAKONGKYANG YHECONTI COMPLETTPICANOLTSUDAKOMADORNIERTOYOTA,  SOMET,  VAMATEX,  TOYOTA,  SULZER   ...)  knitting machine parts and components together,   saw cuter is a big category, we can not list all of them on this website yet,  please feel free to contact us if you have any question.
D4080267 D4080267 TOE CLOSE, for those highly automated LONATI machines. 064-2379-00-9 064-2379-00-9 4" × 2Div ×60Teeth M081430 M081430 1488/1536N Seghetta
Pantyhose Nylon Pantyhose Nylon high quality nylon Nagata 4"×380N×200Teeth Nagata 4"×380N×200Teeth G1080153 G1080153 3¾" ×144N×24Z
D5080043 D5080043 all the 4" x 180Teeth sawblades for sale ... D4080532 D4080532 3 ½"×132N×50Z 097-0934-00-9 097-0934-00-9 4" × 400N
G1080073 G1080073 sawblade Nagata 3½"×6T×100Teeth Nagata 3½"×6T×100Teeth Nagata Seghetta ML891373 ML891373 3¾"×2D×28Teeth
ML891196 ML891196 3¼"×2D×42Teeth ML891188 ML891188 3¾"×2D×46Teeth 3¾"×6T×96Teeth 3¾"×6T×96Teeth SOOSAN
3½"×12D×100Teeth 3½"×12D×100Teeth Soosan 3½×192×68-A 3½×192×68-A Yarn Cutter for Ange 5 D4080484 D4080484 4″×120N×50T
G1080095 G1080095 3¾"×168N×50T D4080170 D4080170 3½"×6D×50Teeth D4080171 D4080171 D4080171-4"x6Tx24Teeth
D4080171 D4080171 4" × 6D ×50Teeth D4080417 D4080417 3¾"×132N×50Teeth D4080418 D4080418 3¾"×144N×50T