Rotary hooks, loopers, plastic parts, steel parts, motors, encoders, pneumatic parts, solenoid valves, Japan and Germany sewing machines spare parts for sale, for those popular brands/OEM of Europe and Japan, such as JUKI, BROTHER, PEGASUS, YAMATO, SIRUBA, RIMOLDI, KANSAI, UNION SPECIAL, SINGER, PFFFAFF,  KINGTTX, REECE, CHEE SIANG, MERROW, DUPKOOP, BONIS, SHING LING, AMERICN BLINDSTITCH, bag closing machine, bag sewing machines'  spare parts for sale, OEM parts or replacement parts on CNF,  FOB, DHL delivery basis, we have such machines' spare parts for any immediate demand any time of a year, in addition,  we have (GRACO, KARL MAYER, SANTONI, LIBA, LONATI, COLOSIO, MULLER, SANGIACOMO, WAC DATA, UNIPLET, CONTI, COMEZ, DAKONG, MATEC, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOOSAN, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, ISHIKAWA, SULZER...) textile machinery parts, knitting machine parts for sale ... for decades, we have been focusing on the production and sales of those parts for Japan and  European machines.
DB1 Z16 brother DB1 Z16 brother rotary hooks HPF-592 7.92mm HPF-592 7.92mm rotary hook HSM-AIHTR-TS HSM-AIHTR-TS rotary hook
Rotary Hooks Rotary Hooks rotary hooks HSM-A1HTR HSM-A1HTR rotary hooks HSM ATR PFNGOPTS L HSM ATR PFNGOPTS L ROTARY HOOK
7.94ATR(MTQ)1.6 7.94ATR(MTQ)1.6 7.94mm Larger Capacity HSH-7.94B HSH-7.94B Rotary Hooks
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