Some of the parts below are OEM parts, some of them are high-quality replacement, loopers, carbide blade, for CONTI COMPLETT,  ROSSO, UNION SPECIAL,  NEW LONG or a lot of other industrial sewing machines, bag sewing machines, leather sewing machines and (KARL MAYERSANTONILIBACOLOSIOMULLERSANGIACOMOWAC DATAUNIPLETCONTICOMEZDAKONGDAH HEERMATECPICANOLTSUDAKOMADORNIERSOOSANTOYOTASOMETVAMATEXTOYOTAISHIKAWA ... )
knitting machine parts we have listed on this website, please feel free to select, we can offer immediate shipment after payment.
220788350001 220788350001 Two types of steel & Ceramic 220618233001 220618233001 complett/Chinese machines 220618945001 220618945001 rosso, complett
220618232001 220618232001 There are 5 hard alloy cutters blades for sale ... 610037201 610037201 620040001 620040001
There are so many parts, can not be added all of them to this website, if you need parts for this brand and you can not find it, please send us an email and a photo, we be able to help you verify it quickly.