Mar 11, 2024
Check the picture, you will see that it is improved one, looks better, so is our D4080201, D4080299, G1080208, a newer generation,  D4080299, G1080208, D4080201, D4080106, D4080107, D4080058, D4080218, G1080222, G1080021, G2900144 ... G3080017, G2080009 please feel free to order them.
0379259/0379260, also 0379215/0379202  --- Plastic housing of matrix needle selector unit,  the outside housing, a perfect item ready for you, we have successfully made the selectors called K and L, 0379203/K and 0379304/L,  0379379 and 0379380, 0379357, the newest WAC actuators, have been testing them in the aftermarket, OEM market in China rea, in Pakistan, in Turkey, hope you like them.
Rubber items, G4120068, G1920347, D4920457 ... sinker rubber ring, they are the best sller in Tantex Corp,  some buyer can buy 5000 pcs once, and they usually keep buying.
We have started the production of G1920767, G1920644,it will be very good and entirely same as original, will begin to sell them in May, as for other plastic yarn fingers, if you want us to make them, please feel free to contact us.