Since 1988, located in downtown area of Ningbo, Haishu District, an ISO9001 certified entity led by a team of experienced and creative people dedicated to the sales, research and development of high-level mechanical and electro-mechanical products, motion and control, high-precision mechanical components, plastic parts, ceramic parts, carbide knife, assembly of plastic and steel, ceramic and steel and some auto parts ... or assembly of a lot of steel components, some of them are listed on this website, some not yet, thanks to the tremendous technological advance in China and other countries, we are getting more and more famous and influential in many fields, textile machinery and spare parts, knitting elements, petro mechanical and auto parts manufacture, we shall continue to work hard and offer high-quality products and service to all of our distributors, agent and OEM buyers, let's share the achievement together, we shall continue to take the advantage of this website and make it better and informative, you can always find OEM information, weight, dimension, possible application, photos of a product ... to help you find our products, if you are hurry, please feel free to call us.
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