Knitting machines and spare parts for sale,  we Chinese hosiery machines, socks knitting machines,  circular linking machines,  automatic linking machines, automatic socks knitting machines with toe closing linking system, automatic socks linking machines,  31/2", 33/4" and 4 inch machines for sale.  In addition, we supply our own socks production yarn, nylon, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, socks,  stocking, we also supply machines and spare parts, welcome to contact us if you have any question.
TOE CLOSING MACHINES TOE CLOSING MACHINES Equipped with Automatic Linking Pantyhose Machines Pantyhose Machines Pantyhose Machines for sale Flat Bed Linking Flat Bed Linking 181、282、383、585、686 for sale
SOCKS SOCKS Samples made by our own machines CARBIDE KNIFE RESHARPENERS CARBIDE KNIFE RESHARPENERS GRINDING MACHINES Circular Linking Machines Circular Linking Machines Automaitc Linking Machines
You can buy our own machines, yarn and hosiery,  you can also ask us to make your products in Tantex Corp,   just give us sample for production.