Attention please, CORONA VIRUS in China is gone, the production and sales in Tantex Corp has become normal again.
Global business, offering KARL MAYER HDR-10, RS4 shade net machine, RS2 Bale and pallet net machine, warp knits, lace, curtain, warp preparation, net, sack knitting or production machine parts and components, knitting elements.
Offering encoders, rotary sensors, proximity switches, resolvers, stich cams, throat plates, circular cutters, carbide knives, ceramic knives, ceramic eyelet, yarn fingers, couplings, driving belts, WAC data, Matrix, display, display control, knife switch, counter rings ... for all the knitting machines manufactured in LONATI GROUP.
Spare parts and needles, ring cutters, cam motors, encoder, knife assembly, encoders, stich cams, counter ring, solenoid valves, filters, oil switch, if you can not find it in Italy, please find us.
All parts for the high speed needle selection system, for LONATI, SANTONI, SANGIACOMO, COLOSIO, MATEC, DAKONG, MAYER ... all the European knitting machines.
offering LIBA knitting machinery parts, needles and all other knitting elements, customized Liba machine parts and components.
Supplying SANGIACOMO knitting machine parts and components, knitting elements, motors, encoders, saw blades, yarn cutters, sensors ...