Suppling PICANOL weaving machinery parts, carbide knife, yarn cutters, encoder, display, keyboard, motor, oil sensor, filters, generic and consumable parts ...  anyone of these texile machinery parts is customizable in Tantex Corp,  some of them are OEM parts, most of them are replacement parts,  we ensure high product quality, good price and immediate shipment, anytime of a year,  welcome to order our PICANOL parts and any other (KARL MAYER, LONATI, SANTONI, LIBA, COLOSIO, MULLER, SANGIACOMO, WAC DATA, UNIPLET, CONTI, COMEZ, DAKONG, DAH HEER, MATEC, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOOSAN, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, AUTO PARTS, ISHIKAWA ...) textile machinery parts, weaving machine parts, loom parts together, save your time and money.
BA208735 BA208735 GTM GP900 Weft Cutter BA239648 BA239648 3 holes blade B87961 B87961 GTM weft cutter blade
BA235366 BA235366 BA235366/BA234282 blade BA236204 BA236204 or BA233400 blade BE92279 BE92279 weft blade
BE89688 BE89688 B82224 weft knife BE92792 BE92792 a durable weft blade BE89685 BE89685 BE92249
BE89686 BE89686 BE89686/BE92250 blade BE89687 BE89687 B82223,B92792 B158982 B158982 two positioning holes blade
B158983 B158983 BA304967, Omni weft cutting blade B82916 B82916 GTM, GTM-GS blade BE80378 BE80378 left/right both
BA236671 BA236671 circular blade B163164 B163164 BA207687/BE306531, 3holes weft blade B163175 B163175 BA306528, BE152674 picanol
BA310245 BA310245 a durable blade ... BA236470 BA236470 BA236470/BE150956 blade BA200880 BA200880 a moving blade, sharp and durable ...
B84154 B84154 Weft Blade-GTM B84154 B84153 B84153 Weft Movable Blade-GTM BA210719 BA210719 a 3 holes blade
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