Air Pistons

Most of these pneumatic components, air cylinders, air pistons, pen pistons,  threaded air pistons, air filters, solenoid valves below are made for European ITALY or Germany (SANTONI, LIBAWAC DATASANGIACOMOUNIPLETKARL MAYERLONATI, MULLER, MATEC, COMEZ, SOOSAN, COLOSIO, DAH HEER, NAGATA, DAKONG, KYANG YHE, CONTI COMPLETT) knitting machines, please feel free to select anyone and buy them together, here you get the best combination of high product quality, good price + immediate shipment ...
G2920147 G2920147 plastic/steel assembly, steel optional D4901081 D4901081 both D4900958 and d4901081 ... PC800320 PC800320 for SANGIACOMO
D4900958 D4900958 plastic and brass assembly, customizible. 0379189 0379189 M5 x 3.17, air flow only 6-20 Piston 6-20 Piston 3 Types of Air Pistons(6-20)
0034308 0034308 air pipe for sale LONATI/santoni 6-15 air piston 6-15 air piston 3 types, air cyliders G1920361 G1920361 D4920988
0515132 0515132 Air Cylinders Air Cylinders soosan, dakong, colosio, OEM