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Offering hosiery machine spare parts, knitting elements, for LONATI G615, LONATI FL54, Lonati 544, Lonati GL616D F, G54J, Lonati FL, Lonati JS, Lonati JR socks knitting machines, specifically, they are needles, sinkers, encoders, stepping motors, solenoid valves, yarn fingers, yarn feeding tubes, carbide knife, circular cutters, motors, WAC actuator, Matrix 0379200, SITEX 0379001, 0379035 ... OEM & replacement parts,  we have the best combination of product quality, price + immediate shipment for you, any time of a year.

D4910062 D4910062 LONATI plastic and rubber items G2900144 G2900144 knife assembly, customizable D4840723 D4840723 LONATI encoder, resolver
D4840319 D4840319 LONATI incremental/optical encoder D4841290 D4841290 high precision sensor D4080107 D4080107 D4080107, L462 machine Knife
D5440035 D5440035 LONATI steel components D4380867 D4380867 T. Plate, Steel Parts D4080532 D4080532 3 ½×132N×50Z
D4080530 D4080530 3 ½×120N×50Z G2380230 G2380230 T Plate, made of high quality steel D4920457 D4920457 engineering plastic/rubber roller
G2900630 G2900630 High, 24VDC,0-7, big flow G1840207 G1840207 N/C,1-4-7 Bar, 10mm, gasket 0349612 0379189 0379189 M5 x 3.17, air flow only
G1920389 G1920389 Yarn feeder, yarn guide D4240166 D4240166 encoder coupling/nylon 0034308 0034308 air pipe for sale LONATI/santoni
D4840218 D4840218 D4840649 sensor 0379258 0379258 MATRIX 0379258/0379259 G1920361 G1920361 D4920988
G1920347 G1920347 Rubber Roller Unit G1920117 G1920117 G2080009 G2080009
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