Products Mode: TOE CLOSE, for those highly automated LONATI machines.
Place of Origin: NINGBO, CHINA
Material: Steel
Specifications: 4" x108N/132N x50Teeth
Application: Toe Close
Weight: 70 grams
Colors: same as photo, colorless
Certification: Factory Certificate
Item name: Yarn Cutter
Knives: D4080201, D4070107, D4080106, D4080299, G1080208, G1080222, D4080058, G1080021 ...
Electronic items: D4840319, D4840723, 120-3124-00-9, 120-3057-00-9, IRC325-5000, WAC data rotary encoders for sale.
About sawblades: It takes a lot of time and money to make a very good sawblade, we must select the best steel, forged, molded them to a proper block, cut the block into pieces, make teeth, grind every tooth, get them hardened exactly, tempered to its correct hardness, and remove its unnecessary sharp edges, grind the working area to a mirror like blade, sharp and durable ... please feel free to buy our sawblades, a lot of them are original, some of them are high quality replacement ...

also supply, carbide knife, ceramic knife, knitting elements, encoder, resolver, display, sensors, welcome to select them on this website, if you can not find it, please just feel free to contact us.

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FOB Price: FOB Ningbo, good price
Port: Port of Ningbo
Brand: Tantex
Min. Order: No requirement
Supply Ability: we can make 300 pieces in a month
Payment: Advance Payment
Shipping: Immediate Shipment
HS code: 8448
A usual and successful yarn cutter in Tantex Corp, D4080267, 70G, 108N x50T, a sharp and durable saw cutter for sale, an important item for LONATI, SANGIACOMO, KARL MAYER warp knitting machines, hosiery machines, welcome to order it and any other (SANTONI, LIBA, WAC DATA, SANGIACOMO, UNIPLET, KARL MAYER, LONATI, MULLER, MATEC, COMEZ, SOOSAN, OLOSIO, DAH HEER, NAGATA, DAKONG, KYANG YHE, CONTI COMPLETT, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, GRACO, SULZER...) knitting machine parts and needles, if you are a parts distributor or an agent of Tantex, you can order any quantity you like, immediate shipment, whatever you see here will be what you get after purchase, they will be as good as we have discribed to you, if not correct or if you just can not mount it as a replacement part on your machine, you can get it returned or changed on Tantex's Fedex or DHL account.
You probably need, loopers, rotary hooks, encoders, stepping motors, solenoid valves, yarn fingers, yarn feeding tubes, carbide knife, circular cutters, automatic grease pump and pump parts... please feel free to select anyone on this website.