Newly made steel parts, stitch cams, droppers, pickers, sinker cap rings, please contact us if you want us to tell you more about them.


A leading supplier of KARL MAYER warp knittine elements, the official online shop where we sell our KARL MAYER tricot, raschel, net, raschel lace, raschel bags, shade nets knitting machines spare parts and needles ... generally, KARL MAYER RJSC 4F-NE Jacquard Machine, KARL MAYER TM 4T-EL, HDR-10, MRS-25 machine, Karl Mayer RSP2 / RSP,  RS3-MSUS-V, KARL MAYER HDR10 - RDS11, RDS 11 82343, HKS3-1, RS 4 N-F LW, 103520/2010, warp knititng machiney parts and needles, sinkers, yarn guide, yarn fingers, rotary encoders, JR205-A-500-CJF encoders, sley needles, rollers assembly, bearings, connection rods, closures, tongue needles  pattern needles, eyelet needles for sale, Chinese parts and components, please feel free to contact us for a good price.

KH-26-4-0 KH-26-4-0 Plastic Yarn Guide C-22-51-19 C-22-51-19 Tongue needles for sale AF2-115 AF2-115 Yarn Fingers for sale
L-32-0-0 L-32-0-0 Yarn guide needles KH-7-4-4 KH-7-4-4 Plastic Guide Needles C-18-84-14 C-18-84-14 Tongue needles for sale
RF-2-70-3,2-0 RF-2-70-3,2-0 Yarn fingers AF3-26-180E AF3-26-180E finger feeder plates for sale RFH-100-101-6-3 RFH-100-101-6-3 Net and Bag production
Z-6-87/6-52 Z-6-87/6-52 Raschel Net and Bags KH-24-4-0 KH-24-4-0 Plastic guide needles KL-6-61-23 KL-6-61-23 plastic needle guide
C-24-76-14 C-24-76-14 Tongue 1000209220 R-20-2-2 R-20-2-2 Reed Needles for sale KH-7-6-5 KH-7-6-5 A plastic guide for sale
R-18-2-3 R-18-2-3 tin alloy blocks for sale 123757 123757 Yarn tension spring segment KL-12/2-97-23 KL-12/2-97-23 Plastic needles
399109 399109 Karl Mayer spare parts for sale KH-14-4-3 KH-14-4-3 Plastic guide needles for sale L-18-7-0 L-18-7-0 tin alloy blocks for sale
4100242016 4100242016 Wire Needle Unit for sale L-18-73-49 L-18-73-49 Tin alloy needle blocks for sale KH-14-4-0 KH-14-4-0 KARL MAYER PLASTICS

There are so many parts and needles, we can not get all of them listed on the website in a short period of time, if you can not find the item you need today, you are going to see them here some day in the future, welcome back, sorry that we do not have a printed catalogue yet, but, we are so happy to help you if you contact, we have moved our AUTO PARTS out of this website, KARL MAYER, HDR-10 Double needle raschel machines, Karl Mayer RS3-MSUS-V, RS4, shade net machine, KARL MAYER,  RS2 Bale and pallet net machines ...) we state,  any item you see on this category of our website is specially made for KARL MAYER warp knitting machines first,   some of them may be correct for Chinese machine, please contact us if you have any question.