Pantyhose Machines

Products Mode: Pantyhose Machines for sale
Place of Origin: NINGBO, CHINA
Packed: Loaded in Container, normally, 20 to 24 machines loaded in a big container.
Size of package: In customized case, 1.03 x 0.75 x 1.75 meters
Application: production of pantyhose,
Colors: blue,
Certification: CCC
Options: Jacquard knitting or plain knitting
Needle count: any account, from 380-402N, please contact us if you want to know more about us.
Similar to: LONATI L12- plain knitting, L04E7-Jacquard knitting
Weight of one machine: 300KGS, packed in a plate case.

Products on this page are all made by our machines, please feel free to select, plain knitting or Jacquard knitting

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FOB Price: 10000USD
Port: Port of Ningbo
Brand: Ningbo ERE
Min. Order: 1
Delivery: by Sea
Supply Ability: We can assemble 40-50 machines in 20 days
Payment: Advance payment in full
Shipping: Ocean shipment
We are no doubt the best supplier of Lonati hosiery machine parts, Tantex Corp, a brand we can believe in global market, actually, we also have pantyhose knitting machines, socks machines with automatic linking system, stocking knitting machines similar to LONATI L12 plain AND L04E7 Jacquard, typically,  4" x400N, 4" x402N machines for sale, please check the pictures on this page,  and study the  designs of our stockings or pantyhoses and buy our machines,  or if you want us to supply a machine for your design, please contact us, welcome to begin with one or two machines before you have entirely learned our machines.
the capability of our company,
Jacquard machine is more productive,  he can make whatever pantyhoses a plain knitting machine can do, you are recommended to buy both of them, recommended proportion is 3/1, these machines were succesully made 10 years ago, they are so good now,  please feel free to buy them.
If you just need 50 machines, we can get them assembled and packed in 25 days, and get them  loaded to Ningbo Port,  we arrange all things ourselves.