Products Mode: OEM/Replacement
Place of Origin: NINGBO,CHINA
Application: Machine Repairs and Production
Weight: 210 Grams

we have a lot of stepping motors, servo motors for santoni seamless knitting machine, please feel free to select anyone of them on this website, if you want us to make a new one for you, please contact us.

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FOB Price: FOB Ningbo
Port: Ningbo Port,China
Brand: Tantex
Supply Ability: 15 years lpng time selling parts
Payment: Full Advance
A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp MX900389, 210G, a successful replacement high speed needle selection unit for SANTONIKARL MAYER/ LONATILIBA raschel bag knitting machine, hosiery machine, socks knitting machines,  welcome to order it and any other ( WAC DATA, GRACO, SANTONILIBA, WAC DATASANGIACOMO, UNIPLET, KARL MAYERLONATIMULLERMATECCOMEZSOOSANCOLOSIODAH HEER, NAGATA,  DAKONGKYANG  YHE, CONTI COMPLETTPICANOLTSUDAKOMADORNIERTOYOTASOMETVAMATEXTOYOTA, SULZER ...) textile machine parts, socks machine parts,  Lonati and Colosio, Sangiacomo hosiery machines, 0379035, 0379200, 0379001, D4840319, RSTU Leva,  LR, LS, LT, LU, LV, W, V,  0379203, 0379204 ... and other customized/OEM textile machinery parts.
You probably need,  proximity, solenoid valvescircular cutterscarbide knifefingersencodersrotary hooksloopersneedle actuator and selector, keyboard, LCD display, air pistonsair filterstepping motors, crankshaft and connecting rodautomatic oil pump and pump parts ...  for your LONATI machines, industrial sewing machine, warp knitting machines, hosiery machines ...  projectile looms, air jet looms ....