Products Mode: T. Plate, Steel Parts G2380230
Material: high quality steel, hardened and tempered, durable ...
Application: LONATI hosiery machines
Item Weight: 16 grams
Leading Time: in stock, immediate shipment
Production: customizable if you offer a sample
Quality: durable throat plate, high quality
Numbers: D4380867, G2380230,
Others: stitch cam, needle drop, pick, bearings, steel fingers ...
Carbide: D4080201, D4070107, D4080106, D4080299, G1080208, G1080222, D4080058, G1080021 ... and others you can see on this website, www.tantexcorp.com

We sell any throat we have made, we also make any throat plate for you if you give us production drawing or new sample, sometimes, a used sample is also acceptable for production.

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Origin: Ningbo, China
Payment: Advance Payment
MOQ: ready parts, no requirement of order quantity.
A usual and trusted item in  Tantex Corp,   D4380867, G2380230, 15G, throat plate, an important steel item for  LONATI, LIBA & SANTONI  textile machines, welcome to order this one and any other
(KARL MAYERSANTONILIBACOLOSIOMULLERSANGIACOMOWAC DATAUNIPLETCONTICOMEZDAKONGDAH HEERMATECPICANOLTSUDAKOMADORNIERSOOSANTOYOTASOMETVAMATEXTOYOTAISHIKAWA,  Sulzer ...)  textile machinery, knitting machine parts, loom, textile machinery parts,  such as, stitch cams, throat plate, if you are a parts distributor or an agent of Tantex, you can order any quantity you like, immediate shipment, whatever you see here will be what you get after purchase, they will be as good as we have discribed to you, if not correct or if you just can not mount it as a replacement part on your machine, you can get it returned or changed on Tantex's Fedex or DHL account.

You proabably need:  encodersstepping motorssolenoid valvesyarn fingersyarn feeding tubescarbide knifecircular cuttersmotors, lubrication pump, injectors, distributors, auto parts, rotary hooks, loopers ....   textile machinery parts, knitting machine parts, industrial sewing machine parts, airjet loom parts, SULZER rapier loom parts for sale ...