Rotary Encoders

Rotary optical encoders, magnetic encoders, most of them are incremental encoders, we also make very good abosolute encoders, square wave output, sensors, if you think  you need encoders below, or if you would make encoders in our company, please feel free to contact.
120-3057-00-9 120-3057-00-9 a customized item D4840723 D4840723 LONATI encoder, resolver D4840319 D4840319 eltra replacement
A-ZKD-13K-250BM/4P-G05L A-ZKD-13K-250BM/4P-G05L a optical encoder TRD-J500-1160 TRD-J500-1160 colosio sensor/encoder Karl Mayer JR205-A-500-CJF Karl Mayer JR205-A-500-CJF JR205-A-500-CJF, optical encoder
Dornier 387776 Dornier 387776 BAUMER Mayer-19551888 Mayer-19551888 textile IRC 305/1000KB IRC 305/1000KB Ange/Uniplet Larn IRC
D4240082 D4240082 encoder coupling/nylon D4240166 D4240166 encoder coupling/nylon SOMET ENCODER A1EZ62A SOMET ENCODER A1EZ62A Thema11-E/PSB4506-1440-C05L
120-3124-00-9 120-3124-00-9 rotary, optical encoder Picanol Encoder Picanol Encoder 180, BE83395, BE93571 ... ERN IRC 305/5000KB ERN IRC 305/5000KB Ange or Matec machine encoder
IRC 325/5000 KB IRC 325/5000 KB uniplet Ange