Rotary Encoders

Rotary optical encoders, magnetic encoders, motors, stepping motors, lubrication pumps, oil filters, steel cams, rubber parts, ceramic parts, carbide parts and cutters, PCB, electricity resistance, proximity sensors and LVDT for sale, most of these encoders are incremental encoders, some of them are abosolute encoders, square wave output, encoders for (GRACO, SANTONI, LIBA, WAC DATA, SANGIACOMO, UNIPLET, KARL MAYER, LONATI, MULLER, MATEC, COMEZ, SOOSAN, COLOSIO, DAH HEER, NAGATA, DAKONG, KYANG YHE, CONTI COMPLETT, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, SULZER...) textile, socks knitting machines, warp knitting machines,  if you think you need encoders below, or if you want us to make a similar one, pleaes feel free to contact us.
D4840319 D4840319 eltra replacement D4840723 D4840723 LONATI encoders, resolvers for sale G2840005 G2840005 G2840223/Resolvers
Mayer-19551888 Mayer-19551888 Textile Machine Encoders Encoder 387776 Encoder 387776 BAUMER Picanol Encoder Picanol Encoder 180, BE83395, BE93571 ...
IRC 325/5000 KB IRC 325/5000 KB Uniplet Ange Karl Mayer JR205-A-500-CJF Karl Mayer JR205-A-500-CJF JR205-A-500-CJF, optical encoder 120-3124-00-9 120-3124-00-9 Eltra X0300004A/MATEC
G2900084 G2900084 Flexiable Couplings A-ZKD-13K-250BM/4P-G05L A-ZKD-13K-250BM/4P-G05L a optical encoder IRC 305/1000KB IRC 305/1000KB Ange/Uniplet Larn IRC
SOMET ENCODER A1EZ62A SOMET ENCODER A1EZ62A Thema11-E/PSB4506-1440-C05L ERN IRC 305/5000KB ERN IRC 305/5000KB Ange or Matec machine encoder THEMA11-E, A1EP52B THEMA11-E, A1EP52B A1EP52B THEMA11-E
Eltra Encoders Eltra Encoders eltra/MATEC 120-3057-00-9 120-3057-00-9 a customized item D4240082 D4240082 encoder coupling/nylon
TRD-J500-1160 TRD-J500-1160 SANGIACOMO/COLOSIO encoders D4240166 D4240166 encoder coupling/nylon TRD-J500-1160 encoder TRD-J500-1160 encoder Coloiso, Sangiacomo, Dakong