We feel so sorry to notify that we have los the email ID (Donmail2@hotmail.com),  lost it without any warning from outlook.com or @hotmail.com,  we just remember that, there were a lot of spams coming to our email everyday, trying to steal the password of our ID,  most of them were warning us that,  email was supposed to change its password for entry,  we just ignored, we have lost that ID finally.
now,  please note that,   
we have stopped using that email,  if anybody of our partners lost money due to this email ID, we are not responsible for that.
also,  we hope our partners will tell each other,  this email ID does not belong to Mr Doncloud or Tantex Corp anymore.
In the future, the only email we use must be ended with @TANTEXCORP.COM,  we have bought it for our boss or employees, if you have any loss when you are doing business with us, we will be respsonbile for that.   
stated on May 22, 2021,   this declaration belongs to our company,  it will be valid if you can see it on this website.  we keep our own right to explain.