E14 Electronic Jacquard

Products Mode: KARL MAYER E14 KL500-66/3
Place of Origin: Ningbo China
Material: steel and plastic
Width: E14
Application: Karl Mayer knitting machines, RJPC F-NN
Weight: 150 grams
Colors: colorless
Certification: factory certificate
Capability: production and sales, global sales
Special Need/requirement: in addition to those knitting elements you can see on this website, we also supply/produce a lot of other components, steel parts, bearings, connecting bars, clutch, switches, for any Karl Mayer machines, models in use or discontued ...please feel free to contact us if you need to know more.

We have anyone of these for sale, E14, E18, E24, E28, E32, E36, please feel free to select.

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FOB Price: FOB Ningbo
Port: Port of Ningbo
Brand: Tantex
Min. Order: No requirement
Supply Ability: we can make 500 pieces in a month
Payment: Advance Payment
Shipping: immediate shipment
HS code: 8448

A typical and successful product in Tantex CorpE14 kl500-LB66/3,  we have  Karl Mayer  E14, E18 ... E32, 200G, all the electronic guide needles,  they look beatiful, same as OEM products, we have been selling them since 2009, everybody of our buyers likes them,  welcome to order them and any other
  SULZER ...)   warp knitting machine, industrial sewing machine, hoisery machine spare parts, needles and other consumable parts.
You probably need,   loopers, rotary hooks,  encoders, stepping motors, solenoid valves, yarn fingers,  yarn feeding tubes,  carbide knife,  circular cuttersauto parts ... bull guide unit,   rollers,  fabric fix hooks,  sinkers,  yarn guide,  bearings,  hope you pack them together when you place order, it is going to save your time and thinking.