PRODUCTION AND SALES of all KARL MAYER, LIBA knitting machines and needles.


Production and sales of knitting elements, sinkers, guide, yarn fingers, sley, closure, tongue, pattern needles, eyelet needles, spare parts and components for those Karl Mayer knitting machines made in Europe and China, please feel free to select anyone on this website, if you can not find it, just contact us.

KARL MAYER KARL MAYER 343310 343310 Roller Assembly Roller Assembly KARL MAYER 1000295981
Piezo E18-KL500-LB63 Piezo E18-KL500-LB63 KARL MAYER 1000107079 1000107079 An assembly of steel and durable plastic Rubber Ring Rubber Ring
Karl Mayer Parts Karl Mayer Parts 1000106377 1000106377 Screw 1000111445 1000111445 Sinker tools 1000111445/10mm and 4000069243/8mm for sale ...
Yarn Combers Yarn Combers E24, E28, E32 ... KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6-78-12 KL-6-78-12 Net, Sack Production
ML-28-93-0 ML-28-93-0 alloy guide Ball Guide Assembly Ball Guide Assembly LR-6/3-104-6 LR-6/3-104-6 Tube Guide, Pipe Needle

There are so many parts and needles, we can not get all of them listed on the website in a short period of time, if you can not find the parts today, you are going to see them here tomorrow, welcome back, sorry that we do not have a printed catalogue yet, but, we are so happy to help you if you contact.