Proximity Switches

Proximity switches, proximity sensors, micro-switches for sale, M4, M5, M8 (D4840218, D4840043, D4840054, D4840649, D4841290, D4841292, D4840195... and some special switches or spare parts you can find on this website, we are so proud of the quality of these products, we have been selling them for so many years, everybody of our buyers likes them, there is very good prices and immediate shipment, depends on the quantity of an order, normally, it takes at most 15-30 days to meet a big order, most of these sensors or switches on this page are made for ((LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZ, TOYOTA ...) textile machines, OEMs in Europe or in Japan, everyone on this page is for sale, if you think we can make similar products for you, please feel free to contaus.

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