LONATI G2900133

A new and trusted item, 9.50 grams, G2900133 and other LONATIMATEC sensors and switches,  welcome to order it with other spare parts in Tantex Corp, in addition to this item, we have D4840054, G1900543, G1900494, D4841290, D4840218, D4840043,D4841292, D4840195, G1080208, D4080299 ... for sale.
Also, there are proximity sensor, temperature sensor, liquid pressure sensor, LVDT sensor, air pressure sensors or switches for sale, for textile machinery (
LONATISANTONI,MATECKARL MAYER, SANGIACOMO, COMEZ, MULLER, UNIPLET ...), what you see here on this page will be what you get after purchase, if not good, not correct or if you just can not mount it as replacement part on your machine, you can get it changed or returned on Tantex's Fedex or DHL account.

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