Carbide G1080208

A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, G1080208, carbide or ceramic knife, 4G, welcome to order it and other LONATI parts and needles, we offer top quality, good price and immediate shipment, if you are a parts distributor or an agent of our company, you can order any quantity you like, any time of a year, in addition, we have D4080299, 150 pcs packed in one box, compact and neat, so good for storage, you many need, the complett, Rosso blade 220618232001220618233001, newly made, based on the production of D4080107, D4080106, D4080299 and the production of other blades for looms.
1, LONATI sensors, D4840195, D4841290, D4841292, D4840054, D4840043, D4840218, D4840649, G2900133, D4900494, U8840004 ... there are more, please contact for details.
2, Lonati motors, D4840337, D4840444, D4840445, G1840062 and others.
3, Lonati encoders and resolvers, D4840319 ...solenoid valves, keyboard, LCD display, yarn feeders, needle stop, WAC, Matrix, needles, knives, circular cutters, cylinders and dials, sliders, sinkers, needle stop for sale.

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