A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, D4080299, 5G, yarn butt cutter, a high quality ceramic knife for (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZWAC DATA ...)  knitting machinery, esp for those highly automated socks machine manufactured in Italy LONATI GROUP, knife for 4" and 33/4" single cylinder machines, durable, sharp and there is very high precision, everyone of 1000 pcs is perfect, every buyer who baught has repeated their orders, significantly, there is immediate shipment any time of a year, in addition, we make and sell other ceramic products on buyers design. 
Item Package: 150 pcs packed in one plastic box, there is the best outside carton for any overseas shipment, neat and compact, there is on damage on the way to buyer.
Similar items, G1080208, sometimes called D4080240, D4080201, D4080107, M080030, M081170, D4080106, D4080058, D4080065 for traditional LONATI knitting machines, welcome to order them together.
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