D4080201 LONATI

A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, D4080201 & circular cutters, 12 grams, carbide product, a yarn butt cutter for a good many of LONATI socks knitting machines, 4" inch cylinder, sharp, quick and productive, there is high precision, it is so go that everyone of 1000 pieces you buy is same, everyone of them is perfect, durable,  we are so experienced with the production of such products, knife material does not pit, does not break, does not become dull after a long time, if you look at the surface of the knife on this page, you see that they are so beautiful, like a mirror,  there are 150 pcs packed in one box, neat and compact, no likely to be damaged on the way to you, in addition, we have D4080106, D4080107, D4080240, D4080299, G1080208, G1080222, G1080022, D4080043, D4840195, D4840218, D4840054, D4900832, D4840319, D4900833, D4901004, D4841290, D4841292, G2900133proximity switches, sensors, encodersstepping motors ...keyboard, LCD display, needle latch opener, rubber knife, coupling, needle picker, drop, cams, yarn finger, yarn feeding ceramics for sale ... in Tantex Corp, you can find anything you need for your (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZWAC DATA ...)  knitting machines.

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