A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, Matrix & WAC DATA needle selector, 0379251, 0379252, 0379253 & 0379254, G2900133, needle actuator, needle selectors, needle selection unit and its components, all together, usual and trusted items in Tantex, typically, high precision, look very beatiful and they are actually as good as original products made in Japan or Europe,  we offer the most acceptable price ready for you, any time of a year.
With these products, you may need 03790010379200, 0379035, RSTU, D4080299, G1080208, D4080107 ... LCD display, all for sale in Tantex.
Our promise to buyers,
If not good, not correct or if you just can not mount it as a replacement part on your machine, you can get it returned on Tantex's DHL or Fedex account or changed with any other products you like on this website.

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