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A typical and successful product in Tantex Corp, Karl Mayer E14, E18 ... E32, Karl Mayer roller wheels, connection bars, oil bellows for sale, they look beatiful, as beatiful as OEM products, we have so many buyers (needle distributors and factory years) keep buying them since 2011, we offer not only a competitive price but also a very high quality, every buyer would repeat their orders so long as that they can accept the price of our product, before you have decided to begin, please carefully look at one on this photo, what you see here will be what you receive after the purchase order, here, we state that if not so good, not correct, buyer can return or change on our DHL account, most significantly, there is stock for immediate shipment any time of a year, and you can order it with any other needles and spare parts for your Karl Mayer machines, you may need spare aprts for (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZWAC DATA ...)  knitting machines.

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