A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, specially made for SANTONI, LONAT pantyhose knitting machine, a very good replacement, welcome to order it and any other  (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZWAC DATA ...) knitting machinery parts and components (encoders, step motors, solenoid valves, ring cutters, carbide knife, ceramic knife, elastic knife assembly, display, keyboard, stud sensor, air fitting, air piston, yarn fingers, finger tubes, WAC actuators, Matrix actuator, JM actuators, stitch cams, needle droppers, cams, connection bars, bearings, yarn tension, gasket, needle latch openers ... or knitting elements for warp knitting machines, please feel free to select anyone on this website, if you are long time buyer of our company, you can order any quantity you need.

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