A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, 16G, M775320, M5 & M8, Led indicator mouned,welcome to order it and other SANTONI parts and needles, M771730, M775320, M901060, M080030, spare parts and needles for santoni seamless knitting machines, OEM(SANTONILONATIMATECKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLET ANGESANGIACOMO, COLOSIO, COMEZ,MULLER) parts and replacement parts for sale.
Specifically, we have solenoid valvesproximity sensor,micro switches, sawblade, alloy knife, stepping motors, brushless motors, drive shaft, belt and wheel, needle latch openers, cams, yarn feeders, yarn feeding wheels, yarn fingers, Wac data, Matrix actuators, sitex actuators ... 0379200, 0379001, 0379035 and others.

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