A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, G1080021, G1080222, ceramic and metal knife, both of them are very successful products, made for those advanced socks production machines made in LONATI S.P.A. in addition to the knives, we have the 4-inch G1080073 circular cutters 108N & 132N in stock, there is immediate shipment after a P.O., together with anyone of these, you better order our oil switches (N/O & N/C), oil filters, proximity switches, encoders, motors, needle latch openers, Hitachi LCD display, keyboard, solenoid valves, air pipe connector, air pistons, air guage, WAC data, Matrix, Sitex actuators, needle selectors, ceramic or steel tubes, drive belt, G2900133, plastic yarn fingers to make your offer more competitive, these spare parts are so good, durable and beautiful, comparable to those spare parts made in Europe, therefore, we offer a better price.

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