Air Pistons

Everyone on this page is usual and trusted product in Tantex Corp, air piston, air cylinders, oil switches(applicable to hosiery machines, engineering equipment, warp knitting & looms, liquid pressure valves, air filters, oil filters ... we have been making and selling them for over 10 years, the successful sales in China and overseas market has told us that they are very good, everyone of our buyers, so long as they can accept the prices of these products, has been buying, they never complain, these products widely used on textile machinery, food processing machines, medical machines, hosiery & seamless knitting machines where there is a pneumatic system, also, they very successful replacement of SMC, Pneumax, FAS ... products, mostly, we sell them as spare parts for (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETSANGIACOMOMULLERCOMEZWAC DATA, SOOSAN, NAGATA, PICANOL LOOMS,RUMI or anyone of Chinese OEM ...).
If can not find the exact item on the website of our company (Tantex Corp) and you feel that we have it or you feel that we can make it, please feel free to contact us for production.

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