Carbide Knife/Circular Cutters

We have a lot of very good knives and blades for those LONATI single-cylinder, double cylinders (hosiery, sock, stocking, pantyhose) knitting machines manufactured in Europ, USA, Japan or in China, for decades, we have been focusing on the production and sales of (KARL MAYER, SANTONI, LIBA, COLOSIO, MULLER, SANGIACOMO, WAC DATA, UNIPLET, CONTI, COMEZ, DAKONG, DAH HEER, MATEC, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOOSAN, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, ISHIKAWA ...) textile machinery parts, consumable parts, generic parts, knitting elements, we have the best combination of a high product quality, good price and immediate shipment for you, any time of a year.
G2900144 G2900144 knife assembly, customizable D4080107 D4080107 D4080107, L462 machine Knife D4901104R D4901104R assembly, customizable ...
D4080299 D4080299 best seller D5080043 D5080043 all the 4" x 180Teeth sawblades for sale ... D4080058 D4080058 COLOSIO/MATEC/LONATI
D4080530 D4080530 3 ½×120N×50Z G1080073 G1080073 D4080218 D4080218 longer than D4080299 Knife
D4080267 D4080267 TOE CLOSE, for those highly automated LONATI machines. D4080532 D4080532 3 ½×132N×50Z D4080201 D4080201
Anyone of the similar knives or blades is customizable if you give us CAD or samples, it is no hard to make them for us,  we just need 40 days, but, this is a big category, we can not get everyone of them listed here, if you can not find photo on this website, please feel free to contact us ---- all LONATI HOSIERY MACHINE PARTS  for sale.