Yarn Guide

Supplying KARL MAYER warp knitting machine knitting elements, guide needle, tin-alloy, plastic guide needle, eyelet needles, compound needles, latch needles, we offer high quality + immediate shipment, any time of a year ... please feel free to select anyone of (KARL MAYER, LONATI, SANTONI, LIBA, COLOSIO, MULLER, SANGIACOMO, WAC DATA, UNIPLET, CONTI, COMEZ, DAKONG, DAH HEER, MATEC, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOOSAN, TOYOTA, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, AUTO PARTS, ISHIKAWA ...) textile machinery parts on this website (www.tantexcorp.com),  if you can not find it, just contact us for immediate response. 
453318 453318 RF-2-41-2,5-5,5/Karl Mayer 4100039507 4100039507 4100039507 takeup KB-28-2-1 KB-28-2-1 4" needle, Non Woven Fabrics
KL-6/6-61-23 KL-6/6-61-23 AL-18-6-38 AL-18-6-38 stronger and durable KL-6-78-12 KL-6-78-12 Net, Sack Production
ML-28-93-0 ML-28-93-0 alloy guide KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6/6-61-43 KL-6/6-61-43 Z-6/2-87/6-52 Z-6/2-87/6-52
KL-6/6-78-23 KL-6/6-78-23 plastic, net L-16-24-48 L-16-24-48 2 inches KH-10-4-0 KH-10-4-0 Plastic yarn guide 4-0
If you can not find the needles or parts on our website, please just to contact us, encoders ...