Tantex Corp

Newly Made,
1, D4080299, G1080021 both ready, a higher generation, sharper, more durable, high precision, we are so proud of the quality and the production cost of these two items.
2, 120-3124-00-9 ready, newly made, high quality, a beatiful item.
3,  LCD Display pannel, for Karl Mayer, Lonati, Matec, Santoni, Uniplet Ange ready, Hitachi replacement
5, D4840319, higher grade available now, there is a much bigger lifespan.
4,  linking machine blade, newly made, high quality and lower cost, look as bright as a mirror.
5,  Filters, oil pressure switches, oil system of LONATI, KARL MAYER, MATEC, SANTONI are ready for sale.
You have seen that we have so many products for sale, if you think that we can make any similar products for you, please contact us.
Let us just work harder in 2017.