Knitting Machine Parts

Knitting elements, knitting machine parts & components, KARL MAYER warp knitting machine compound needles, steel wire needles, sinkers, latched needle blocks  ... for sale, parts and compnents for (LONATIMATECSANTONIKARL MAYERLIBAUNIPLETTERROT, SANGIACOMO ...) machines manufactured in Europe,List-of-tubes.gif

diverse yarn feeders for net and sack production machines, there is very close quality to those famous brands in Europe, steel tubes are neatly weld to a blackened steel plate, tubes do not pull yarn, do not break or crack and they are very durable, we offer both production and sales in China or in overseas market.

D4841292.gif proximmity, precision switches, sensors, micro senesor for sale ... proximity sensors for those Italian SANTONI, LONATI, COLOSIO, socks knitting, seamless knitting machinery,  the focus of our business in this field is the production and sales of Matec, Lonati, santoni hosiery, KARL MAYER warp knitting, sack and net knitting machines  ... if you would love to have your parts made in Tantex Corp, please contact us and send a photo and number of this item for a quick quotation,Latch-Opener.gifHOLIDAY NOW, SINCE FEB 2, 2019 TO FEB 15, 2019 ... we feel so sorry for the absence.

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